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Why hire a Wedding Planner – 5 reasons

Why hire a wedding planner? That’s one of the most popular questions we have from people around us who want to get married. Is it really important? Do I have enough money? Do I really need to hire a wedding planner or will my friends and family be enough.

Every couple has their special needs and vision for the big day. The wedding planner is there to make sure that vision become reality and make sure that all the details are in place and that the event runs without any problems. Here are the five qualities that you should look for when you hire a wedding planner.

– Organization: An unparalleled sense of organization. Your wedding planner should be able to organize your wedding and also be able to manage a wedding season since, in this business, there is really only one season with several events taking place very close together. Most of the work we do is focused primarily on project management. Ask your planner to show you the tools they use.

– Ability to find quick solutions… very quickly: no matter the wedding there will always be some little problem that needs to be dealt with… it is necessary for your organizer to have experience, be calm and be able to find creative solutions to problems, and be able to act very quickly. Experience helps enormously, as well as a certain creativity! Ask about how your planner managed some of the worst-case scenarios that they have encountered

– Interpersonal skills: We work with a lot of people leading up to and during a wedding. Whether it is the ten committed providers, you, the bride and groom, your parents or all your guests, it is essential that the wedding planner possesses an exceptional sense of interpersonal skills. We have to manage stressful situations with suppliers, without adding to their stress, while you spend an exceptional day and meet the needs of your guests. It is essential to meet your wedding planner and see if the fit is good because you will spend the next year with them and meet with them often.

– Creativity and attention to detail: A wedding planner’s mission is to create a unique event that represents you but also to think about all of the small details that you and your guests will notice throughout the day and that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Look at your planner’s portfolios and see if their universe inspires you.

– Experience: Of course, we all start somewhere, but the experience of a wedding planner is irreplaceable. Whether it is for contacts, crisis management, the creative universe, advice, or trust from suppliers, it is very important to value the experience of a wedding planner which will ultimately make your wedding that much more enjoyable. Read past customer references on their sites, or ask to speak with some of them.


There are so many reasons why you should hire a wedding planner. Need more advice to plan your big day? Feel free to contact us here.


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