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The Newest Venues to get Married in Montreal – Top 4

The Newest Venues to get Married in Montreal – Top 4

Where are the newest venues to get married in Montreal? We’ve been asked this question so many times we can’t even count. A lot of Pinterest and probably a thousand Google searches later, you still can’t find the right place. You know what? You are not alone!

Since a little inspiration never hurt anybody, here we are again with an article featuring some of our favorite places to get married at the moment. We know these articles can be helpful especially since the wedding season is upon us. These four places are not only beautiful but also brand new! You may even be the first couple to get married there. Excited? Keep reading! Here are the newest venues to get married in Montreal.


Yes! That restaurant you love so much is now offering a perfect place to get married. In what seems like the (very cool) attic of the restaurant you’ll find a gigantic bar and a room big enough to dance, eat and celebrate love! It’s big enough for 120 guests without any trouble. The biggest perk? The food obviously. Get ready to be served healthy and delicious food straight out of LOV’s kitchen.

LOV de la Montagne, 1232, rue de la Montagne, Montréal

2. Espace C2 at the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel

It’s on the 21st floor of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel that you’ll find this new event space. A terrace and a breathtaking view of the city? Absolutely. Ideal for those looking for a modern space, it’s fully equipped with the latest technology to create an amazing ambiance. The room can welcome up to 200 guests.

The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, 900 René Lévesque W., Montréal


3. Hotel William Gray

Lovers of Old Montreal will be pleased with this one. The William Gray Hotel is located on Saint Vincent Street. The look? Modern French. We have to say we absolutely love it! On the 8th floor, you’ll find their amazing terrace. The perfect spot for a summer wedding. You’ll also find multiple options for private rooms to host the rest of the evening. Need we say more?

Hotel William Gray, 421 rue Saint Vincent, Montréal.

4. Jetée Alexandra

jetée alexandra

One of the newest venues for getting married in Montréal is the Jetée Alexandra. This amazing and historic place opened just a few months ago. You can invite up to 1500 guests (wow) or divide the space for a smaller event with a view of the city or the water. You can also have the possibility to get married on a huge terrace where the greenery is splendid.

Jetée Alexandra, 200 rue de la Commune W, Montréal.

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